The 7 Step Solution

How we achieve results when you think you’ve tried everything.

Are you tired of stubborn fat, daily insulin injections, brain fog or a lifetime of poor health? Have you been suffering with chronic pain and “have tried everything”? Are you ready to detoxify your brain at the cellular level based on the most cutting edge science? How about a safer keto program or learn how to fast properly even when you thought you could never do it? Do you have an interest in stem cell regeneration? Would you like to reduce your prescription drugs? Do you want to feel healthier and do you feel you deserve better?

The 7 Step Solution is unlike any other program in the city. It is Dr. John Zielonka’s proprietary, individualized, comprehensive and common-sense program to transform you to a lifestyle of health and get you the lasting results you desire. It is specific to each individual and gets to your specific primary condition. We want you to know there is hope and we want you to be armed with the right approach to achieve the results you desire.

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