Functional Health

What is “Functional Health” and is this different from medicine, “functional medicine” or “regenerative medicine”?

Functional medicine is a form of healthcare that has become the new buzzword as of late. As many have now become to realize, we don’t really have a health-care system but rather we live in a sick-care system. Most forms of treatment don’t really address the underlying cause of the problem, treatment tends to be very passive with little effort from the patient and it usually involves numerous drugs with significant side-effects which focus on symptoms. Worse yet, these drugs rarely “cure” the problem but rather “manage” it and are required for the rest of your life.

While there are different definitions, the 2 main differences of functional medicine are;
1) to address the actual underlying cause of the problem
2) make the patient an active participant in their recovery

Then functional medicine is the way of the future?

Actually, no it’s not. While modern medicine may think so and while this may be new to that system, addressing the underlying cause of the problem and making the patient an active participant in their recovery has been the cornerstone of most alternative methods of healthcare for hundreds and in some cases thousands of years. Chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncturists and many other health professionals have always taken this approach. Don’t get me wrong, functional medicine is a vast improvement over most current forms of sick-care but there is still a better way.

How is “Functional Health” different?

For starters, it’s more than semantics to note that the focus should be on “health”, not “medicine”. Standard functional medicine may still be lacking in 2 key areas. Often it may not look at the body as a whole but most importantly; it still relies on the use of pharmaceutical drugs and their significant side-effects.  Functional Health, practiced by Dr. John Zielonka, strives to provide the positive benefits (focusing on the underlying causes of the problem, focuses on providing care to the body as a whole allowing the body to normalize and heal itself, makes patient involvement mandatory) but most importantly does so from a science based perspective without the use of any prescription drugs while still striving to achieve the same if not better results. As such, Functional Health is truly the “Health of the Future”. We do not provide “treatment” or mask symptoms; rather we coach our clients to help them achieve optimum health.

Functional Health Programs currently offered at the Ottawa Wellness Centre (The Ottawa Wellness Centre is the Health Coaching component of Dr. Zielonka’s health centre currently located in the World Exchange Plaza.)

The Simple 7-Step Solution to Prevent the Nightmare of Alzheimer’s

Did you know that based on the science, Alzheimer’s is preventable? Do you walk around in a fog or haze? Are you forgetting things more often? Did you know there are specific protocols to recover from concussion faster? Does getting older concern you? Or do you simply feel like someone’s turned down your dimmer switch? Dr. Zielonka’s program (based on his best-selling book) is a science-based, comprehensive program designed to help slow, halt and, when possible, even reverse the degenerative changes and stresses that adversely affects optimum brain function. 

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Cellular Brain Detoxification

Far beyond a colon cleanse or liver detox, this is considered by many of the world’s leading experts in this field to be simply the best brain detoxification available today. Dr. Zielonka will teach you how to detoxify at the cellular level and the health benefits this can bring.

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Functional Fat Loss Program

Are you sick and tired of losing weight just to gain it back? Have you tried all the programs without success? Do you have stubborn fat that you just can’t lose? Is it your thyroid, your hormones or your diabetes? Would you like to lose fat instead of water or muscle? Our Functional Fat Loss Program is unlike any other program in Ottawa. This 12 month program covers all of the essentials to finally help you to achieve your desired goals. Utilizing our knowledge and direct supervision, the most advanced technology, bloodwork analysis, prescription vitamins specifically to your needs, superior exercise protocols, superior nutritional counselling and more, let us finally be the solution for your problem. To begin please call us today at (613) 688-1036 

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The Safer Keto Program

Coming soon.

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The Stem Cell Fasting Program

Coming soon.

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Reversing Type 2 Diabetes (coming soon)

Contrary to what many believe, Type 2 diabetes is reversible and does not require a lifetime of drugs and their side-effects. Our Functional Health Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Program will cover the essentials with the goal of you no longer having a need for insulin injections or diabetic drugs. Our knowledge, direct supervision, bloodwork analysis, prescription vitamins specifically to your needs, superior nutritional counselling and more, may finally be the solution for your problem. To begin please call us today at (613) 688-1036 or contact via the form below.

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