Giving Back

Dr. John Zielonka, his health team, the Ottawa Chiropractic & Natural Health Centre and the Ottawa Wellness Centre have always been strong proponents of supporting our community to enrich the lives of everyone. From providing compassionate care to supporting multiple charities too many to mention, we firmly believe in the goodness of humankind. For over 3 decades we have been educating the public on health through hundreds of community events, donating our time and donating our services. In addition to the above there are 4 major events that we hold each year.

Spring: “Healthy Water for Life”

While Dr. Zielonka (known to his patients and clients as “Dr. Z”) frequently educates our community and the world on the “5 Keys to Health”, if there was only one thing we could do to improve health for those most in need, having access to clean water would be it. Far more important than any drug or vaccine, access to clean drinking water and proper sanitation would vastly benefit the health and prevent disease of those most in need. While this is often thought of as a “third world problem” the same situation is occurring right here is Canada.

     At any given time there are more than 100 drinking water advisories in First Nations across Canada and 73% of First Nations’ water systems are at high or medium risk of contamination. . The lack of clean, safe drinking water in First Nations is one of the greatest violations of the UN-recognized human rights to water and sanitation.

     The Council of Canadians fights for safe, clean water for everyone. They support Indigenous peoples’ right to self-government and self-determination. Greater control by and for First Nations over water is a basic step toward reconciliation, a requirement of  the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and a necessary precondition to ending drinking water advisories in First Nations for good.

     In March of each year, please join us for our special day “Healthy Water for Life” to support the Council of Canadians. On this day, Dr. Zielonka will donate $10 from each and every chiropractic adjustment provided by him and $5 from each vitamin and supplement purchase. 

     In addition, the following 2 books will be available for sale with all profits also being donated.

Summer: “Feed a Million”

While people often donate to food banks at Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, the sad truth is that many in our country go hungry on a daily basis year round including many children.

     As such, Dr. Zielonka founded “Feed a Million” ( with a goal to provide one million meals for Canadians in need.

     To accomplish this, Dr. Zielonka does 2 things;

1.    Chooses one day in June of each year where he personally contributes 50% of every chiropractic adjustment provided by him on that day to buy meals for a local food bank or mission.

2.    While Dr. Z’s goal is to personally provide 1000 meals on that day, he also challenges other doctors of chiropractic and in fact every other health professional in Canada to so the same. If 1000 of the tens of thousands of health professionals in this country come on board, our goal of One Million meals can be met.

3.    Lastly – all of Dr. Z’s patients are encouraged to bring in food donations on that day as well to be donated to local food banks and missions.

     Why should health professionals donate 50%? Because Dr. Zielonka appreciates that contrary to some people’s beliefs, even health professionals have expenses which on average total 50%. As such, he appreciates the need to pay expenses; he’s simply asking other health professionals to donate their profits for one day of the year.

Fall: “The Science of Chiropractic Research”

For over 3 decades, Dr. Zielonka has always appreciated how fortunate he is as he puts it “I get to use my hands and my brain to get sick people healthy and keep healthy people healthy.” Unfortunately, there are many who still do not understand the vast health benefits that chiropractic has to offer, especially Dr. Z’s comprehensive approach as a 14-time award winning neuro-functional chiropractor and his unique 7 step solution.

     On September 18th of each year (the birthday of modern chiropractic) Dr. Zielonka will donate $10 from every chiropractic adjustment performed by him on that day to advance scientific research, specifically to either the Vertebral Subluxation Research Foundation or the Canadian National Alliance for Chiropractic, 2 organizations that have dedicated themselves to the betterment of humankind. 

     Dr. Z. will also donate $10 from each sale of his book “Changing Lives, Saving Lives”. This book, Dr. Z’s 6th, tells the stories of 77 patients written in their own words and the amazing benefits they achieved under Dr. Z’s unique form of healthcare. It also describes what true neuro-functional chiropractic and in fact true health is all about.

Winter: “Annual Toy Drive with a Difference”

     This is our most fun and favourite day of the year. Please watch or read below to see what makes our Toy Drive so different supporting Brighter Futures for children right here in Ottawa.

Christmas Toy Drive Flyer
Annual Christmas Toy Drive Video
Christmast Toy Drive Article

Local Charities

Each month, Dr. Zielonka selects one charity from all requests submitted and donates $500 - $1,000 worth of services. Should you be looking for support for your worthwhile cause, please contact us at  for more details on how to make a submission and eligibility.

Community Health

We encourage you to please take advantage of the numerous free online health lectures and online TV appearances found on Dr. Z’s YouTube channel as well as numerous health articles and Dr. Z’s latest health podcast “The Science of Brain Health” to help educate our community and the world on true health.

     We also ask that you participate in National Health Day, founded by Dr. Zielonka in 2001 and proclaimed by the Mayor of Ottawa every year since its inception. It’s goal is to educate all Canadians on what true health really is as well as encouraging all Canadians to appreciate that they are ultimately responsible for their own health.